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The department has specialized in operations involving the spinal column. Innovative minimal-invasive surgeries are performed and micro-surgical techniques are utilized.


The Schlosspark-Klinik works together with two neurosurgical practices, one of them is located directly on the clinic grounds. The close ties to the clinic guarantee an integrative linkage between the ambulatory and stationary treatment. Pre-examination, operative- and after-treatment are all carried out by an experienced neurosurgical team of physicians.



  Neurosurgical Practice "Vertebral"
  Dr. med. Oleg Wolf
Oliver Henzka
and partners
  at the Schlosspark-Klinik:
Heubnerweg 2, 14059 Berlin
Phone +49 30 3264-1701
Telefax +49 30 3264-1706
  Point of presence Pankow:
Breite Str. 47, 13187 Berlin
Phone +49 30 4862 6636