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Department HeadProf. Dr. med. Tom Bschor
Phone+49 30 3264-1352
Telefax+49 30 3264-1350

In an open hospital environment, the Psychiatric Department offers professional diagnostic and treatment covering the whole spectrum of psychiatric illnesses. Day clinic care is also available.


The team - physicians, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and caregivers - is committed to the modern concept of psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic oriented psychiatry. Illness is considered not only a deficit, but also as a chance. An individual examination and treatment plan is drawn up for each patient. Besides biological treatment methods (psychopharmaceuticals), individual and group therapy is employed.


Integrative psychotherapy is a fundamental concept. Deep psychological and behavioral therapeutical aspects are taken into consideration. Special attention is given to the atmosphere, in which the patient feels accepted and secure. The department offers different possibilities for physically oriented and creative therapies (sport, gymnastics and relaxation groups, psychodrama, dance and movement therapy, art, painting and music therapy).


Another concern of the department is the close cooperation with family members, established physicians, social services and self-help groups. Scientific exchange serves the Psychiatrisch-psychotherapeutisches Mittwochsgespräch (psychiatric-psychotherapeutic Wednesday Discourse), a monthly lecture and discussion colloquium.