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Leading PhysicianDr. med. Christian Eilers
Phone+49 30 3264-1117
Telefax+49 30 3264-1685

Our Department of Radiology is as a clinical department headed by an established radiologist with a health insurance concession. Stationary as well as ambulatory patients (with medical referral) are treated according to their needs with the newest technological knowledge.


The department offers all conventional imaginary techniques, including layer examinations, soft-tissue imagery of the mammary glands (mammography), and of the hands in the diagnosis of rheumatic disorders.


Digital X-ray examination technology is used for examinations of the stomach, large and small intestines, as well as pharmaco-radiography of the esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, and the biliary passages.


MCT and MRT examinations are performed in cooperation with a MRT and MCT practice on the clinic grounds.