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Department HeadDr. med. Thomas Rost
Phone+49 30 3264-1202
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Our Surgery is a "Center for minimal invasive surgery". As a result of the intensive use of minimal invasive, laparoscopic surgery, quality management and close networking with ambulatory facilities, the average hospital stay for our patients is therefore very short - about 5 days.


Priority is given to abdominal surgery - operations that involve the abdominal cavity. 70% of the operations are performed by laparoscopy with little damage to the abdominal wall and is principally carried out with an ultrasound scalpel.


Another specialty is a surgical method for treating obesity: an adjustable stomach ring can be inserted by a laparoscope (gastric bending). At the conclusion of a weight reduction program, operative corrections may be performed by plastic surgery.


Another focus of our clinic's foot surgery is the correction of deformities located in the forefoot.


Our weekly telemedical tumor conferences optimize the care for cancer patients. The treatment concepts are interdisciplinary and coordinated between the university, the department for internal medicine, the surgical department of the Schlosspark-Klinik and a specialized oncological practice.