Nursing Care Concept

Our nursing care concept orients itself on guidelines established by the so-called “Bereichspflege” (field nursing). This discipline is a type of labor organization, which allocates a certain number of patients to one nurse. Over a longer period of time, the nurse takes responsibility for the patient’s care. The main idea behind this work principle is that there is a better chance that the patient remains the center of focus when compared with other nursing concepts. This central concept is shaped by our patient oriented nursing identity. An important pre-requisite for this nursing concept is our patient documentation system. Nursing also supports work satisfaction by the staff as well as instruction and training for the learners.


In each case, an individual, nursing-based, scientific, reliable process is characteristic of the nursing care in our hospital. The steps in this nursing process are assessment of the problems and resources, agreement on goals, planning measures as well as execution and evaluation of care, in which in each case, the patient’s potential is always included. In this, we follow the roll of the patient as it changes from being a consumer of medical care, to that of a co-producer and partner in regards to his recovery.